2020 what a year! 

We need your help more than ever with this project. The thing that shall not be named struck many families in the community this year, and we would like to help as many families as we can. However, we need your help to do so. You can help by donating food on our list in the link above if you can not help by donating food. Then maybe you can help by volunteering your time to the project. You can do that by clicking the link “Volunteer To Help!”.

Finally, if you can not help in the first two ways, maybe you can spare a few dollars by donating it to help us pay for this project’s food and supplies. 100% of donated money goes to feeding local families. 

We will be providing 50-75 families a full Thanksgiving dinner. We will be working with everyday families who are financially struggling due to circumstances beyond their control to help lift the Holidays’ burden.

Sorting and filling baskets at around 4:30 pm on November 24th. We need your HELP!

We will start delivering the baskets at around 5:30 on November 24th. We will need Drivers to deliver baskets. 


Thanksgiving Baskets Donation

Thanksgiving Baskets